First of all, hi-tech combat is modern warfare. This requires combined arms fight groups, satellite communications, automatic weapons, aircraft carrier fight groups and maneuver warfare. This really is warfare utilising today’s technology. It’s warfare waged by states. It’s the methods and tactics used from the Taliban within the mountain tops of Afghanistan.

Compared, low tech combat is combat using low tech, or no technology. It’s close up and private. It may be unarmed combat or it may utilise fundamental impact weapons like a stick or marble ash tray. It may be combat using edged weapons like a knife or screwdriver. It may be one-on-one a treadmill against many. It’s really a combination of the aforementioned. It’s the combat involved in around the roads as well as in homes all over the world.

A robbery or fight the front of the pub are aspects of, although not low tech combat in the whole. Applying security alarm measures is participating in low tech combat out of the box not opening the doorway during the night since the person with the peep hole just does not look right and also the story does not seem right. The deathmatches from the old Filipino masters can also be. Many of these and much more are elements although not complete aspects of low tech combat.

Additionally, it involves activity BEFORE it will get physical. This really is items like awareness, avoidance and manoeuvre. This can be a large number of hi-tech combat too. The sooner you identify a danger the greater you are able to get ready for combat or facilitate staying away from it altogether. That’s the ultimate aim in low tech combat. Staying away from it. This is actually the greatest level. The very best soldier is the one that detects the enemy before they identify you. Exactly the same applies in low tech combat.

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