Unlike actual physical team building, it is super easy to run out of activities to do online. Using different video call platforms, you can arrange for team building activities which help your organization learn not just how to work together but also communicate efficiently. Planning these activities on your own can be hard but with proper budgeting, you can have professional team building planners intervene to help. These are some of the few online activities that your staff could engage in during the day scheduled for team building.

Digital board and card games

There are different old fashioned board games which your staff can be familiar with. For the new board and card games, there is always training which can be given to let them know how they can play. There are different virtual card games which you can all access online and work on collaboratively to finish the games successfully. The best part about card and board games is that they encourage creativity and most importantly boost problem solving skills for games like chess and checkers.

Icebreaker games

One of the core objectives of setting out these team building games is improving communication and relationship among your staff. There are icebreaker games that can be ideal for such goals considering they help the staff know more about each other and better yet feel comfortable speaking to another. There are ice breaker questions that can be asked in turns to keep the day going and the objectives achieved.

Solving murder mysteries

You must have heard of the online games where players are given a few cues or clues to help solve murder mysteries. Other than being observant, a player needs to be creative and that can be a good project for group work. As a team building activities, the group that solves the murder case first wins the award and this can motivate them to work together sharing ideas and inputs.

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