This is the third and also last part of our tips and tricks for the box design, hope you liked it all.

26. Die Cut It

If you are planning on making the package design with cut out shapes, then go with it. Die-cut printing can be delicate, simple, and bold.

27. Do Different Shapes

The designers who need their products to have a contemporary and even cutting edge look are investigating utilizing new shapes nowadays. They want to separate themselves from all the competition when crafting bulk custom boxes.

28. Wrap It Up

Try to wrap it up with a paper printed with a logo, illustrations, words, or patterns so it will look more elegant. This is more used on the wine bottles.

29. Be Innovative

It’s always possible to make something innovative that will be unique and will be trending, and you don’t need money for this. You just got to have an open mind and some designing skills.

So try and let your mind free, see what you can, and what you are capable of.

30. Make a Box Template in Illustrator

You can locate some great video assets online also to assist you with kicking off your packaging box design. And try to use the program Illustrator, and you will see that it is not that easy to make something that is unique and attractive.

31. Don’t try to copy

Everyone is just trying to think if that design worked out well, and customers love it, I will make a similar one, and customers will love my plan as well.

That isn’t true if you do that. You will get hate from the buyers, because of not being original. So try something yourself, even if it isn’t so professional. It’s better than to copy someone’s hard work.

32. Plan to Print

At the point when you are done with your package configuration, ensure you have pursued the printer spec and spare the record as a high-goals print prepared document. You can furnish the printer with a high goals PDF or Adobe Illustrator record and make a point to incorporate Pantone or potentially CMYK shading data. A quick and straightforward approach to fare your task for the printer is to utilize the Package highlight in Illustrator.

That was the end of the article hope you learned something from all of this. And be sure to share it with friends and relatives.

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