Okay, let’s agree on one thing – Most men don’t have in-depth knowledge about jewelry shopping. When faced with the decision of finding a perfect ring for their beloved, they often lack perspective, and with endless choices that many jewelry stores offer, things are even more confusing. If you are looking for a proposal ring in Singapore, you just need to follow the basic things mentioned below to make the right choice.

Reviewing diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, there are four Cs that matter. The first one is the color, which is graded on a scale between D to Z, where D refers to the most colorless ones. Diamonds can also have some inclusions naturally, which can impact its beauty, and that’s the standard for measuring Clarity. The carat, which is the 3rd C, refers to the weight of the diamond and not its size, while cut ensures that the diamond has the best possible shine. Depending on what you can afford, you have to forego one aspect for the other.

There is also a fifth aspect that matters as much – Certification, also called the 5th C of diamonds. Buying a certified diamond is an absolute must because you are investing one of the most expensive things in the world.

Diamond shape

If you would like the ring to be standard and traditional, you can go for round diamonds, while in recent years, princess and pear diamonds have become quite popular for engagement rings. Unique diamond shapes include the heart and oval, and you should check all the relevant aspects or the 4Cs before taking a call on the shape.

Selecting the band metal

Yellow gold has always been in demand and is a great choice for engagement rings. Diamond rings are set in 18k gold, because 22k gold is too brittle to hold the weight of the stone. You can also consider platinum, which is among the most popular metals for wedding and engagement bands. Rose gold and silver can be considered too.

Ring design

Some people just like the Tiffany’s design, which is about a pronated placement of the solitaire. You can also consider eternity bands, or bezel designs. The ring design can be customized as per your requests, so find a store that can create a ring to match the love you wish to express.

Check online now to find more on engagement and proposal rings and make your choice.

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