Dentures are a wonderful substitute for real teeth, and maintaining them is as straightforward as standard dental care. This is especially true for those who have lost all of their teeth or who are missing one or more front teeth as a result of an injury. However, like with any dental device, some care should be followed to guarantee long-term use and adequate cleanliness. A family dentist in Northwest Albuquerque, NM can tell you more, so schedule a consultation today! 

Tips to keep your dentures clean and comfortable 

Knowing how to care for your dentures properly includes doing routine maintenance, keeping your dentures properly, and scheduling frequent checkups to verify that your dentures fit pleasantly. Each of these steps will aid with the fight against stains and odors on your dentures, the prevention of germs, and the preservation of the shape of your dentures.

  • Brush your dentures carefully 

Brushing can help remove stuck-on stains and food particles from your dentures, which are remarkably similar to real teeth. However, your dentures are composed of a different material than conventional teeth. Regular toothbrushes and toothpaste are designed for the firm, flat surfaces of tooth enamel. Dentures, while robust, lack dental enamel, and a standard toothbrush is too harsh.

Brush your dentures routinely, at least once a day, with a soft toothbrush. Denture toothbrushes contain softer bristles that make it easier to clean all areas of your dentures. Denture toothpastes do not employ tiny, abrasive particles to clean teeth, as many other toothpastes do. Using soft-bristled brushes and non-abrasive toothpaste helps extend the life and cleanliness of your dentures.

  • Brush your gums and tongue 

Whether you have partial or complete dentures, it is critical to clean all areas of your mouth, not just the dentures. Remember that germs and plaque can accumulate on any portion of your mouth. Brushing your tongue, gums, and palate can help eliminate germs and combat foul breath.

If you have partial dentures, wash your remaining teeth, gums, tongue, and palate twice a day. Flossing between your other teeth helps to eliminate germs and keeps your teeth healthy. If you wear complete dentures, clean your gums, tongue, and palate with a soft-bristled brush.

  • Use cleaning tablets 

Denture cleaning pills can help keep your dentures clean and fresh. Allow your dentures to rest in the fizzing solution for approximately 15 to 20 minutes or as directed. These pills clean and remove stains from dentures by using moderate detergents or light bleach. 

  • Consult your dentist regularly. 

Schedule annual checkups with your dentist or specialist to discuss the fit and condition of your dentures. If you have any uncomfortable areas, lesions, or bleeding in your mouth, consult your dentist.

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