Turtle Beach headsets

Best turtle beach headsets are currently the best headphones, including great features for listening to bassy tunes and delivers a hefty kick to our ears. It is mainly known for gaming headphones and professional microphones. MKH 416 short gun is a famous one. As turtle beach has the latest features, and the quality and technology they use have all the brand strands aspects, the models have a price range from affordable to very pricey. It has a headset audio controller included with new turtle beach models, including XO ONE and XO SEVEN Pro.

And coming to the best part, it provides two years of warranty. It also provides a quality DJ sound that blocks the outside noise and keeps the music in the good flow. It has the best performing mics of all the current gaming headphones. These headsets are manufactured by the Turtle Beach Corporation, a global gaming accessory manufacturing company in San Diego, California.

How to turn on the turtle beach mic?

  • Switch it to console mode PS4/PC.
  • Go to the settings, choose devices, and then choose audio devices.
  • Select the option for USB headset for input and output devices both.
  • Go to the option output to headphones and then select all audio.
  • After selecting all audio, go to the headset’s volume control option and turn the level to maximum.
  • Then select the adjust microphone level and follow the screen instructions to calibrate the use of your headset and the sound settings.

Steel series gaming headset:

SteelSeries gaming headset padded mic by Prodigy is a device that helps reduce the signals that are placed in a pre-amplifier of the microphone to balance the overload of it. It helps in reducing the loudness and enables equal volumes that match the frequency of the mic.

Turtle Beach and steel series headset:

When we talk about sonic quality, the turtle beach has a much better sonic output than the steel series T150A. On the other hand, both these gaming headsets have a signature sound with extended frequency response.

Features of the latest steel series gaming headset:

  • Has the latest feature of noise guard adaptive and noise cancellation.
  • It is very comfortable and portable.
  • Has a great battery life.
  • The unique feature of the triple mic system.
  • Consists of wonderful touch sounds.
  • Has an auto ear detection feature.
  • Water-resistant features.
  • Sound amplification.

List of best turtle beach headphones-

  • Turtle beach momentum M2 I
  • Turtle beach CX 5.00i
  • Turtle beach HD 450BT
  • Turtle beach stealth 700
  • Turtle beach recon 200
  • Turtle beach elite atlas

There are various earphones like JBL, Sony, Bose, Boat, and including Sennheiser, and all these have some special features. But turtle beach is currently the leading one among all the headphones with the latest sensitive technologies. Though it is a bit pricey, it is worth paying as you will experience a perfect tune while putting on these headphones.

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