We all have got heads for hats but the only difference is that we cannot all wear the same type of hat. If you tried to wear a hat sometimes back and you felt like hats are not for you, that simply means that the hat was not the right style for you. If you look very carefully, you will find a pro gamer hat that can fit you perfectly well and a hat that will make you look good. Hats come in different shapes, different sizes as well as different colors. Finding something that matches your face, color and shape is the only way through which you can be able to settle for the best gamers’ hat. To find the best gamers hat, there are many things that you should always consider. Here are some of them

The brims

The first important thing to always consider when you are buying a pro gamer hat is the brims. When you are checking on the brims, you should make sure that you are settling for the best brim size. There are different types of brim sizes to be considered. There are medium, wide and short brims. Different brim sizes have different purposes. They can either elongate your face or they can also add more volume. The brim will determine the shape of your face. When you choose the right gamers hat, you will automatically enjoy the best look and you will look stylish as well. If you shooed a wide brim hat and you are tall, you will appear to be short. For tall people, medium brim hats can be the best option.

The hat’s crown

Apart from the brim, you should also consider the crown of the hat when you are looking for a gamer’s hat. There are high, normal, and low crowns to be considered. You can also choose to go for a cape if that is what pleases you. If you go for a hat with a high crown, you should be having a full face or a fat face. If you are a petite person, you can consider wearing high crown hats. That simply means that you will have to know your body size if at all you wish to buy the best gamers hat for your sake.

The hat size

The size will always be a very crucial factor to be considered when you are buying a gamer’s hat. Just like clothes, gamers’ hats got different sizes as well. To know the right size for you, you should consider making some measurements of your head. You can simply stand in front of your mirror with a tape measure and measure around your head. You should then use the number to determine the right hat size for you.

Your face shape

When buying your gamer’s hat, you should never forget to consider your shape. Just because a hat looked good in someone else means that it will also look good on you. Consider finding the right hat for your face shape.

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