Depositing and Withdrawing was never an easy task, especially for the ones who find it hard to understand the working of gambling websites. However, at จีคลับ the case is different. The transfer of money takes a minimum of 5 minutes to reach its destination with a good network connection and swiftly working devices.

Transfer money with few steps at จีคลับ

 Deposit –

    1. Banks like Krung Thai, Taji Panich, Bangkok Bank, Krungsri allow gamblers to deposit anytime in the day. These banks are open for services 24/7.
  • For money transfer, visit the top-up or credit buying shop, follow the instructions accurately for successful results.
  • After you are done transferring the sum, you are requested to give a call to the call centre or inform the Website through line ID, whichever seems appropriate. Mention the following information:
  • Your username. The same name you use on the website in the same form mentioned on your profile. Extra caps, Astra marks and such are not allowed to focus on accuracy.
  • The time you deposited the money will be mentioned on the receipt slip. Mention the time in the message too and the Amount you transferred.
  • The bank name through which you deposited the money. Please make sure the bank name consists of accuracy.
  • Lastly, the payment method. Whether you paid through online banking, ATM, etc.
  • Have patience until the money is credited from your bank account, then it won’t take a while to get transferred to your wallet. 
  • Withdraw –
    • Call the customer service team or Line ID team for Withdrawing the money. Do mention the cause of your approach.
  • Provide both with the information given below:
  • The username is displayed on your profile. No changes should be made while you are giving the ID to the team. If anything goes wrong, the teams will not be responsible for the loss.
  • The amount you wish to withdraw. To make sure, give the amount in both words and numbers.
  • Your name, Bank account name along with the account number. This is sensitive information, make sure you are doing it correctly.
  • Wait for 15 minutes for the money to get transferred into your account.

Transferring of money is never a big deal at จีคลับ. The website has easy ways to sort things out including the transferring of money. Detailed steps are always presented on the websites for customers. If in need of help, they can contact customer care without thinking twice. As few customers may not be confident enough to talk on a call, as almost every citizen of Thailand uses Line ID, they can contact the customer support team through it mentioning the position they are stuck in. The staff is friendly and takes as little time as possible to get back to you with the solution for your problem or answer your question. With due respect and proven by the trusted sources, จีคลับ is most likely to be the infamous Gambling website you were searching for.

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