Each year thousands of graduates take the Management entrance exams to seek admission to colleges of their choice. NMAT is a National level MBA entrance exam. This exam is conducted by the GMAC, which is the Graduate Management Admission Council. NMAT is mandatory for MBA admission to NMIMS Mumbai and as many as 20 other MBA colleges across India.

The NMAT exam is a moderate difficulty level exam. If you have made yourself familiar with the exam syllabus and are aware of the section-wise question format, you can start with your NMAT preparation. It is up to you to decide whether you want to study online or offline or a combination of both.

A key concern in preparing for any exam is the selection and choice of study material. Good and detailed study material, covering all the sections of the exam is necessary for your preparation. You don’t need to start taking expensive coaching classes for the NMAT preparation. Guided self-preparation can also help you achieve success in the NMAT 2020. You can take or read online advice by academic experts, exam toppers, and NMAT exam conducting authority.

The comprehensive study material for NMAT should consist of the following:

  • MNAT syllabus
  • NMAT Preparation books
  • NMAT by GMAC official guide
  • NMAT Mock Tests
  • NMAT Previous year test papers
  • MNAT Syllabus– The syllabus is a must-have when you are going ahead with your NMAT preparation. The NMAT exam syllabus is much wider than one can anticipate. It is also updated every year, so you should be aware of the changes that will be part of the next year’s exam paper. You can get the syllabus in the form of booklets or part of NMAT guides, and even find it online on various sites.
  • NMAT Preparation books- There is a vast collection of NMAT exam preparation books and guides available in the market. Most of these books are by Arun Sharma by McGraw Hill and Nishith K. Sinha by Pearson. The two writers have comprehensively covered all sections of the study, including Logical reasoning, Quantitative Skills, and Language skills. For a detailed English language study, you can consult High School Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin.
  •  NMAT by GMAC official guide- The NMAT exam conducting authority itself releases NMAT Exam Quiz, NMAT Mock test, and NMAT Preparation Tips in its official guide book released every year. You can purchase one and go through it thoroughly to make yourself familiar with every aspect of the exam paper. The book contains NMAT by GMAC syllabus, fundamentals to prepare, CD to prepare, previous NMAT questions, along with NMAT questions.
  • NMAT Mock Tests-You can go through the best of study material and answer thousands of questions, but if you do not check your current exam preparation level, its work only half done. Try to take as many mock tests as possible online to judge your preparation and time skills. Analyze each Mock test to identify your areas of weakness. Locate and improve on your weak areas and monitor your improvement regularly.
  • NMAT Previous year test papers- A very helpful study tool during preparation for the NMAT 2020 will be a set of previous year test papers of NMAT. You can either get it in NMAT preparation guide books or even online with your tutorial courses. They will help you understand the pattern of the exam more clearly. You will also learn how to divide your time among different sections of the exam paper.

All these components of the study material listed above can guide you in the right direction to NMAT Exam Preparation. They will make you aware of the right channels of preparations for the NMAT exam so that you can get a good score in the final NMAT exam.

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