The smartphones could well be our best tutor, in this era of fast-developing technology, -all thanks to the surplus Edtech apps. With education reaching new heights and increasing the stress of exams, educational apps may make their use more productive. These apps either provide online  study materials or offer courses in the various fields by merging education with Virtual Reality to change how education is perceived in the country

In order to simplify the complex subjects, many ed-tech platforms are seen offering live streaming programs as well as video classes which contains Artificial Intelligence and animation. It is always fun to learn with concepts depicted using animation.

The modern education system is witnessing the rapid change from being limited to the classroom to the vast world out there, with just a click.  With children turning out to be great techies, learning with the help of technology keeps them vibrant and refrain them from feeling bored of studies. These educational apps can teach students almost anything at any time. These educational apps serve as a great treasure to the method of learning as they render a blend of innovative as well as core learning. Several educational apps incorporate animated videos to heighten the learning experience on their app. There are apps for almost every subject, classes and exams available right now.

One of the best educational apps available right now is the BYJU’S app. BYJU’S have made use of all the available technologies to make the learning experience even more colourful and attractive. Along with explaining the concepts, they have made sure that there are animations and music included in the videos. The videos include day-to-day examples helping the students to connect with the topic in a better way. The app not only contains videos but instead, they also house a large number of study materials including sample paper, question paper, textual solutions, textbooks and more. The app not only contains content for k-12, but also for UPSC, Bank exams and other competitive exams. For example, suppose a class 10 student is done with studying the concepts given in the textbook as well as solving the questions in the books available. Now, he/she would be looking forward to solving sample papers to understand the method of writing the exam. In earlier days, it was very difficult to find sample papers as hardly two would be available. But now, with edutech apps like BYJU’S, getting CBSE Sample Papers for class 10 is just a click away.

Hence, we can conclude that the educational apps available now are indeed an excellent asset for the students these days. Making use of these apps will help the students fall in love with learning and not be bored with their studies. The educational apps are the most exceptional example of technology being a boon to humankind.

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