Are you perturbed by how to get cheap YouTube views on your site? You are always digging on the internet to find suggestions and tricks on how to increase your views. This sounds common to everybody on YouTube trying to make all ends meet.

You might wonder how someone can have 1.2 Million subscribers and 5 Million views on a single 10 to 20 minutes video. It can disturb your mind when you trying all means to make your site visible. However, what separates the chaffs from the wheat is the method involved to sieve the dirt out of the wheat.

And the same method can be used to distinguish not only the past master who have delved much on YouTube but the novice who are struggling to pop out through the clutter of this site.

Take an example, when you advertise your product through different social media sites including the manual way of advertising, and another guy only advertises his products manually and surrender at that point. Who will attract several people to buy their products?

I leave the answer to you. Similarly, there are tips you ought to consider to attract visitors to your YouTube sites and make them subscribe to your site.  If you are still reading, it means you eagerly waiting with bated breath to get the nitty-gritty of cheap YouTube views rise in your site.

Read? Let’s get the facts down;

  • Connect with Bloggers
  • Create Social Media Channels
  • Insert your videos on Forums or Q&A websites

Connect with Bloggers

This is the best way to increase your views on YouTube.

You will primarily connect with bloggers who write the same content as yours. For example, if your site is all about pets, you have to link with a blogger who specializes in pets and tell him or her about their blogs.

When you connect with a blogger, first, he or she will know you enjoy his posts. And, therefore, ask him to link his blog to your video on YouTube. When people read his blog, they will automatically be directed to your site and that’s how your views will skyrocket to 10.000 views in due time.

Create Social Media Channels

You can create a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn among others, and post your content with a link to your YouTube channel.

This means every time you post your video on these social media platforms, You have to provide a link to your YouTube channel. A good deal to embrace, everyone who will be watching your content on Facebook will have to visit your channel and subscribe for more videos if the content meets their needs.

Insert your Videos on Forums or Q& A Websites

These are sites where millions of people worldwide post their questions to get an answer.

It will be prudent enough for you to visits forums and evaluate the types of questions that relate to your niche on YouTube.  For example, if a question asks about” the best peptides for bodybuilding.” If your channel theme is more related to the question, you can explain the answer in cursory and provide a link to your channel.

If anyone feels he/she is not contented, they will visit your channel for more information.


How else can you get your cheap YouTube views in your channel?

Implement the aforementioned tips for a successful rise of views in your sites.

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